Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Modernism Week!

Just Modern is a proud sponsor of the 2012 Modernism Week in Palm Springs!

Modernism Week is actually 11 days from February 16 to February 26, 2012.  It includes events, films, lectures, tours and parties.  This event "celebrates mid-century modern design, architecture and culture."

Modernism Week Calendar
Modernism Week Tickets

1958 Short File showing real mid-century modern style and decor

A great 1958 short film by Chevrolet called American Look.  Real Mid-century Modern inspiration... I found this film at, a really great site.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mid-Century Modern Inspiration

Just Modern started from our passion for mid-century modern decor, architecture and style.  We spend hours combing the Internet for inspiration. Even though Just Modern specializes in new items that reflect those from the 40's - 60's, we love finding authentic pieces for ideas and for our personal use.  If you share the same passion, here are some great ways to find what you are looking for:

Authentic Mid-Century Decor

Ebay is probably the best source for purchasing authentic items.  Search for "mid century modern" and you will find thousands accessories and furnishings.  Some of our favorite purchases have been signs, glass, globes, ashtrays, tins, furniture and advertisements.

Etsy is now one of my favorite sites. Next to the search box, select the "Vintage" category.  Again, you will find so many authentic items.  

Mid Century Modern Finds (MCFM) out of San Francisco has a great selection of vintage furniture and accessories. What I love most about their site are the photos and how they have their items displayed.  

Retro Art Glass - If you are like, you probably love the glass products of the 40's, 50's and 60's.  Retro Art Glass has one of the best collections I have found on the Internet.  

Mid Century Modern Architecture

Paul Kaplin Realtor showcases mid century modern homes. The original designs and architecture on this site are amazing.  Most of the homes are in the Palm Springs' area and the photos are professional.  This site is also a great source if you are in the market to buy (or sell) a home in the area.  Additionally, Paul has a really nice blog and resource page.

The Mid-Century Modernist also showcases homes, has some of the best vintage photographs and links to other mid-century modern resources.

Eichler Design (Enter the World of Eichler Design) is a really fun site to browse.  Again, great photos, plus original Eichler home brochures!

Hope you enjoy the links.  Please let us know your favorites!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Just Modern adds ModFire outdoor fireplace

We ran across this outdoor fireplace in Dwell and fell in love with it!  It's the ultra cool outdoor fireplace by ModFire, now available at Just Modern.

You know the feeling. You’re lounging around the resort pool in your Prada flip-flops and Gucci shades. Balancing your $20 martini on the poolside bed while trying to maintain your casual cool. Want that same “I’m cooler than you” vibe without leaving your house? Drop an Ultra-lounge white Modfire on your patio and you’ll feel just as cool – and much more comfortable – in your Reef’s, Ray-bans and sipping a $2 Bud longneck out of your own fridge.

All Modfires are handcrafted out of thick fourteen gauge steel and colorfully coated in hi-temp paint. This shiny blue icon is designed to be an heirloom that lasts a lifetime. At 48″ tall and 22″ wide Modfire is a dramatic departure from tired, boring fireplaces.

This unit comes standard with our Gas Burner Upgrade Kit (price for kit included in the Modfire price).
All Modfires arrive assembled and are shipped via UPS ground from downtown Phoenix, AZ Studio.
Your Modfire includes a colorful coated outer skin in glossy hi-temp paint and a black coated inner skin. The hand hammered 14" fire bowl includes a dual gas burner.
Full Dimensions: 47" Tall and 22" Circumference at the base. Weight 50 lbs.
Shipping within the Continental US is $145. Ships in 4-6 weeks.

Modernism Week's Upcoming Events

Modernism Week's Upcoming Events - Click here to buy tickets

Modernism Week Website - Click here to visit Modernism Week's website

Start planning now! Modernism Week is right around the corner.  It's going to be 11 awesome days of all things mid-century modern.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Just Modern goes retro with Hip Haven

We are very excited to have added the Retro Bullet Planter by Hip Haven to our fiberglass planter collection!

The Retro Bullet Planter by Hip Haven is a unique mid-century modern inspired planter.   "Bullet" planters take their name from their conical bowl shape. Nested in a steel tripod stand, they appear almost ready for take-off. First manufactured in mid-20th century America, the planters reflected the era's fascination with all things "space age" and "modern."
Technological advancements in the 1950’s opened up new avenues for designers, allowing them to build light, durable objects with curves, lines, and integral colors not possible with traditional materials. Fiberglass-reinforced resin was especially popular. Used early-on in crash helmets, this fire-resistant, waterproof material was introduced into a wide variety of household objects from colorful lamp shades, to the classic Eames shell chair, to the bullet planter. Equally suited to a Modernist urban apartment as to the new crop of Atomic Era ranch homes, the colorful planters were an instant classic.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Just Modern adds Chandra Rugs

Chandra rugs are the newest addition to the Just Modern collection of mid-century modern inspired home decor items.  Each (173) have been individually selected to complement mcm homes and design.

These high quality rugs are either hand-woven, tufted or knotted, made in India using fine New Zealand wool.