Thursday, June 27, 2013

Just Modern Featured Artist - Edwin Wade

Just Modern in Palm Springs has a great selection of mid-century modern inspired furniture, art and home decor.  One artist in particular, Edwin Wade, has produced some amazing pieces that look great in our store.  We are really happy to display and sell his creations.

Meet Edwin Wade....

JM:  "Edwin, tell us a little more about you and your art."

Edwin: "My art takes a view of the world between 1919-1960, including the cataclysm of the two world wars, the splitting of the atom, etc.. I deconstruct the source material that drove the great mid-century artists and apply my own aesthetic, arriving at some of the same conclusions. These momentous themes are contrasted with whimsical objects, shapes and colors. This juxtaposition establishes a surrealist tone and suggests  inner-worlds and universes."




1. an act or instance of placing close together or side by side, esp. for comparison or contrast.

2. the state of being close together.

JM: "Where are you from and can you tell us a little about your background?"

Edwin: "I grew up in a small town near Cleveland, Ohio  Its an idyllic mid west town where everybody knows your name and didn’t even have a fast food joint until my senior year in high school.

My mother was a gifted draftsman and supported my constant drawing as a young child. I would become very absorbed in creating my little worlds on paper . Later in grammar and high school I had some remarkable teachers that pushed my creativity and skills in new directions . I was surrounded by uncles and family friends that had served during WWII, the stories they told at family gatherings fascinated me, a fascination that exits still today but greatly abstracted and mature. I went on to Study traditional studio arts at Pratt, CIA and YSU."
Here is on of our favorites....Atomic Ranch

JM: "Cool... can you tell us what "Modernism" means to you and who your influences are?"

Edwin: "I had studied all the 20th century art movements during college, but as a young artist I was eager to make my own style. Discovering the world of mid-century design was a jolt! I mean it wasn’t just art it was an entire universe of design. Art, literature, architecture, ceramics, industrial design, fashion, advertising all influenced by the tiny atom. Suddenly I had found my little universe I’d been drawing since I was a child, infinite and profound. It was all very exciting. Basically I found it startling that such an inward structure of the atom could have had such a profound outward influence on the entire world. I set out to continue this exploration and began to work as if I was alive and creating during era. Some of my greatest influences are Arshile Gorky, Joan Miro and Adolf Gottlieb."

JM: "Lastly, can you tell us about your process for creating these cool art pieces?"

Edwin: " I work in traditional mediums that were widely used during the MCM period, such as Oils, Gouache, Monotype, Serigraph, Block Print, Etching etc. The only odd man out is my digital work, which is just another printmaking process to me. Digital or Giclee prints offer me a fast way of reproducing some of my art in a very economical way as far as time and labor are concerned which in turn makes these affordable to the public. I have an enormous amount of ideas and I find that the computer is a great tool to be used by the artist."

Thanks Edwin... you are amazingly talented and we appreciate all that you do!  Please keep creating.

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